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Dongguan hardware accessories production - cabinet hardware accessories

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Dongguan hardware accessories production - cabinet hardware accessories

Dongguan cabinet hardware accessories production of modern kitchen furniture is one of the important components.

Commonly referred to hardware accessories are hinge, slide, damping, pressure support, hanging code, adjust the feet, skirting boards and other seven.
Selection of the right hardware accessories in Dongguan production, improve the overall quality of the cabinet, to extend the life of the cabinet, has a very important role.

1, damping: This innovative feature is the product features, no matter how much force to close the drawer or door, can play in the closed end of the role of the muffler buffer. The product of human design, to meet people to have a quiet kitchen of good wishes. Its unparalleled perfect effect, represents the future development trend of cabinet hardware.

2, slide: drawer slides in the importance of the cabinet next to the hinge. Dongguan hardware accessories for the production of cabinet rails are ordinary bottom-supported, metal side-type and luxury all-inclusive three, the three appearance, performance, price differences are very obvious. Ordinary bottom-type slide structure is simple, inexpensive, drawer side panels need to use wood panels to produce. Metal side plate slide structure similar to the former, due to its own structure has been set on both sides of the drawer plate, the appearance is more refined, compared with the former use is more durable, and affordable. A new generation of luxury all-inclusive drawer slide, built-in patented pulley, sliding noise is very low, drawer load, and the more slippery, the medial Shui Jiao for the arc, no health corner, easy hygiene, Out of the design, making the items stored in the drawer at a glance, easy to pick and place directly.

3, hanging code: Cabinet hanging on the cabinet means related to the use of security. Correct and reasonable method of fixed cabinet, ABS metal combination hanging code should be used in the cabinet will be fixed on the wall, both safe and beautiful, but also easy to adjust the cabinet spacing.

4, hinge: the cabinet is the most important hardware accessories. According to statistics, cabinet doors in 10 years to switch as much as 100,000 times! Therefore, the amount of hinge on the normal opening and closing of the door is very important. Measuring the quality of the hinge has two indicators, one is the structural strength, the standard is able to 75 pounds under the door load opening and closing 100,000 times. The other is the surface corrosion resistance, the index is able to do salt water spray corrosion resistance 48 hours. Another hinge is also divided into two types of ordinary and fast-loading, mainly on the different installation methods, Europe and the United States to develop fast-type hinge, mainly to improve the installation efficiency and reduce labor costs, Dongguan, the current production of metal parts for China Users do not have much meaning.

5, adjust the foot: adjust the feet with PVC and ABS adjustment feet two. PVC low cost, often made of recycled plastics, load-bearing performance is poor. Using ABS engineering plastics as the raw material of the adjustment feet durable, load-bearing performance, can more effectively support the overall weight of the cabinet.

6, baseboard: baseboard divided into wooden skirting board, PVC skirting board and aluminum skirting board three. Some manufacturers make use of the left side of the cabinet when the waste material produced wooden skirting board to reduce costs, but the skirting board and the ground close to the wood material is easy to absorb water, the use of wood for some time after the skirting board will be "fat" rotten. PVC skirting board and aluminum skirting board have been recognized by experts, not only moisture-proof, not moldy, not rusty, and beautiful and durable. In particular, aluminum skirting board is almost life-long will not be damaged.

7, air support: cabinet air pressure support from the trunk of modern car trunk support system. Single support air force support force of 80 Newton, a small cabinet door can be used, the case of a larger door to be used when the two. Germany SUSPA, STABILUS and so are the production of automotive pressure support for the well-known manufacturers, the quality of their products is trustworthy.

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