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  • Dongguan Houjie Town zhao rong metal products factory
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Dongguan metal parts processing basic technology about

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Dongguan metal parts processing basic technology about

In the mechanical parts and metal parts processing technology, in order to ensure that mechanical equipment spare parts, Dongguan metal parts processing accuracy, roughing, precision machining is best carried out separately. Because rough cutting large amount of workpiece, the table subjected to cutting force, the work clamping force, heat, and the processing of the surface has a more significant phenomenon of work hardening, the workpiece there is a large internal stress, if the rough , Precision machining continuous, the precision machining of parts after the stress will be redistributed and quickly lost. For the mechanical processing of high precision parts. After the roughing and before the precision machining, should also arrange for low-temperature annealing or aging process to eliminate internal stress (such as: heat treatment, nitriding, quenching and tempering, etc.). In this case,

In Dongguan metal parts processing lines in the rational use of processing equipment. Roughing is mainly to cut off most of the machining allowance, does not require a higher machining accuracy, so the rough should be greater power, precision is not too high on the machine tool, precision machining processes require a higher precision Machine Tool Processing. Roughing, precision machining, respectively, in different machine processing, both to give full play to equipment capacity, but also extend the life of precision machine tools to ensure the accuracy of metal parts processing. In this case,

Hardware processing and mechanical processing technology drawings, often arranged with heat treatment process. Heat treatment of metal parts is to eliminate internal stress, such as aging treatment, quenching and tempering treatment, the general arrangements in the rough, the precision machining before. Such as heat treatment after the metal parts have a greater deformation, but also arrange the final processing process, according to metal parts processing requirements of more than leave precision machining allowance.

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