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Dongguan hardware industry in the future will be rapid development

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Reform and opening up more than 30 years, the Dongguan metal industry has made great development, has now become the world's hardware industry is an important producer, consumer and exporter. China has formed about 30 hardware industry technology center and product center, these centers are not only Dongguan vanguard of the hardware industry, part of the center has become the world's vanguard of the hardware industry. Shang Pu consulting building materials industry analysts believe that Dongguan metal industry market development potential is huge, the future development trend mainly in the following five aspects.

First, accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign enterprises. At present, Dongguan hardware industry is the main force of private enterprises, they account for about 7 percent market share, domestic hardware industry enterprises show "small, zero, scattered" situation. Domestic enterprises in order to improve product quality and their own competitiveness, and further explore the international market, we must accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign enterprises through various means.

Second, intensify the development of enterprise polarization. The next few years, Dongguan hardware industry will enter a high-speed shock period, the consequences of shock is to expand the hardware industry in Dongguan polarization trend. After the shock, to survive down to the number of enterprises than the current reduction of "small, zero, scattered" situation will become intensive, large-scale operation, when the market will be more rational operation.

Third, the current price-based market competition and gradually shift to high-quality, high-tech products, competition. With the deepening of market competition, Dongguan hardware industry chain at all stages of the profits are increasingly reduced, price competition can not become the core competitiveness of all enterprises must be changed in order to continue to develop. Many hardware enterprises in Dongguan to increase R & D investment, developed with high-tech products, demand for new market demand, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

Fourth, the sales channel specialization, competition between channels is becoming increasingly fierce. Domestic hardware kitchen and bathroom products oversupply, competitive pressure is huge, as the key competitive factors in the sales channels become the focus of the parties compete. Dongguan hardware manufacturers in order to reduce sales links and save sales costs, will increase the sales terminal control, so that sales channels gradually professional.

Fifth, to further strengthen our country is the world's hardware manufacturing center status. With China's rapid economic rise, has become the world's most dynamic economic regions. China's economic facilities, industrial development is mature, low labor costs, has become the world's prerequisite for hardware manufacturing center. China is the world's most populous country, the huge demand for metal kitchen and bathroom products, huge market will further promote the hardware manufacturing center to China.

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