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Dongguan metal processing industry development history

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Dongguan metal processing industry is developing very fast, the traditional hardware processing industry in Dongguan, the most concentrated domestic market is mainly concentrated in a few mechanical hardware, architectural hardware, decorative hardware, daily hardware that several major sections. Dongguan metal processing industry is also very obvious trend of industrial concentration, the traditional hardware processing enterprises in Dongguan relatively simple products, many companies only to other manufacturing enterprises to do the matching, accessories, manufacturing enterprises on the strong dependence, but also the response to market demand Also very slow. The traditional hardware companies do not pay attention to the development of new products and market extension, resulting in the continued lack of competitiveness of enterprises in the face of more and more specialized market demand, more and more intense competition, many early development of Dongguan Hardware Processing enterprises are feeling weak follow-up.

How to make enterprises with sustainable competitiveness, is a lot of Dongguan metal processing enterprises are thinking about the subject. As a result, the "big hardware manufacturing" concept is gradually being the hardware industry, business people and experts mentioned in various occasions, integration of hardware - the voice of the manufacturing industry is also increasing. Dongguan metal processing industry is mainly through the physical changes in the physical shape of raw materials, processing assembly and then become a product. As long as one is a metal parts assembly as the main process of the industrial areas are part of the hardware industry. If we expand the concept of hardware manufacturing to the entire manufacturing sector, from the perspective of the manufacturing sector to consider the development of metal processing industry in Dongguan, the "big metal manufacturing" concept which arose: from metal processing and refining to primary metal products Manufacturing to general manufacturing equipment manufacturing, and then extended to the national economy and the manufacture of special equipment for various industries, the entire industry chain in the production activities, can be called "big hardware manufacturing.

In recent years, the original production of hardware spare parts manufacturers are also involved in the manufacture of large machinery and equipment. Usually a region of enterprises, but also to achieve from raw material processing to spare parts supply to finished product manufacturing enterprise strategic integration. Dongguan metal processing enterprises also pay more attention to product development and scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological research and development has also promoted the hardware industry's industrial upgrading. "Big hardware manufacturing" in the industrial concentration area has become a common practice.

In fact, hardware changes to the hardware is the traditional hardware to modern hardware transformation process, and this is the only choice is to rely on scientific and technological progress, science and technology park, science and technology of the road. How to integrate hardware industry resources, so that Dongguan metal processing industry more adapt to the development trend of economic globalization?

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