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  • Dongguan Houjie Town zhao rong metal products factory
  • Dongguan Houjie Town zhao rong metal products factory
  • Dongguan Houjie Town zhao rong metal products factory
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Dongguan Houjie Zhao Rong Hardware Products Factory, is a company established in 2004 specializing in the design of zinc aluminum die-casting molds, zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting products manufacturing manufacturers.

The factory has a strong technical R & D design team, improve the production and processing facilities, an independent mold manufacturing workshop, die-casting production workshop, machining workshop, polishing workshop, and finished assembly workshop, in accordance with the requirements of customers a complete product design, Grinding, polishing, electroplating, painting, Dijiao, sticky drilling, and so on, until the finished assembly shipments.

Among them, the mold manufacturing workshop has optical CMM, carving machine, CNC milling, machining centers, EDM machines, precision grinding machines and a series of advanced equipment. Mold development to achieve full 3d design, full parametric flow analysis, standardized production operations, to the greatest extent possible to ensure that the mold development and production process of rationality and reliability.

The die-casting workshop is equipped with various die-casting machines of different sizes, such as DC18T, DC30T, DC88T, DC130T and DC200T, and equipped with mold temperature machine, induction melting furnace, auto sprayer, product conveyor belt. Automated production.

At present, the factory's business scope covers the tableware, wine, thermos bottle, bathroom, toys, electronics, stationery, lighting, furniture, jewelry, luggage hardware buckle and other industries, the production of environmental protection die-casting products, In line with national and international standards. The factory has been engaged in the industry has accumulated a very rich experience in the industry to obtain a good reputation. Our existing mold more than 8,000 sets.

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